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Tar Heels 34, Wildcats 49: Second Half Live Game Thread

Kentucky got hot from three, and the result is predictable - a big lead.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

That was an impressive half of basketball from both teams, but especially from the Kentucky Wildcats as they lead the North Carolina Tar Heels 49-34 at halftime. This first half was a tale of Kentucky’s defensive pressure having a very strong effect on North Carolina’s ballhandling, as well as the ability of North Carolina to score in the paint and in transition.

Half time stats

What we see here is a couple of things; first, it is Kentucky’s 3-point and free throw shooting making the Wildcats unstoppably efficient on offense. If Kentucky continues to do these three things, and take care of the ball (6 turnovers is a little high, but not absurd in a game with this many possessions) they will be impossible to beat. To big, too good.

However, the Tar Heels have been able to exploit Kentucky in transition, and have been very efficient in the paint. They are also shooting an acceptable percentage from three for them.


  • Kentucky is getting to the line like nobody’s business. No less than four Tar Heels have 2 fouls already, and their depth is nowhere near Kentucky’s.

  • Devin Booker and Andrew Harrison are responsible for the margin.

  • UNC has more second chance points than UK.

  • Six steals for Kentucky — that will add years to Ol’ Roy.

  • Tyler Ulis with four dimes.

Let’s get this W for Alex. If UK can continue to shoot the ball like this, there is no way to stop them from running over any team in college basketball. I had a feeling this shooting slump couldn’t last, and it hasn’t.

Go, ‘Cats!