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Georgia Bulldogs at Kentucky Wildcats - Live Game Thread

Georgia comes to Commonwealth today at noon for a tilt with the Wildcats.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

For the fourth time in for games, the Kentucky Wildcats have an opportunity to excel and achieve their sixth win and bowl eligibility. This may seem an unlikely spot to do it, but I have a feeling about this game that I haven’t had in the last three. First of all, Kentucky almost always plays Georgia tough in Commonwealth Stadium. Second, the defense showed signs of improvement against the run in the second half last weekend. Finally, Kentucky’s going to pull an upset eventually — why not today?

About the best chance Kentucky has against Georgia is to find a way to outscore them. In order to do that, they are going to have to find ways to get off the field on defense and stop them a few times. That’s a tall order.

Here are the things I think UK needs to do well today:

  • Play solid special teams — Kentucky has had issues with special teams this season, and special teams arguably won the game for Missouri last weekend.

  • Don’t hold back — This is the final home game for the Wildcats, and they are a 10.5 point underdog. They need to go for broke. If it fails, it fails, but there is no reason to hold anything back.

  • Disciplined running — Kentucky’s running backs have had a week to assimilate the undisciplined running that has hurt them the last few games. Let’s hope that takes hold.

  • Go vertical — Georgia has a fine pass defense, but now is the time to turn Towles and the receivers loose for deep balls.

  • Get turnovers — Kentucky must get turnovers, and avoid making them, to win. Mistake-free football favors Georgia

  • Commonwealth magic — We’ve had some magical moments in Commonwealth this season. Let’s dust off a few more for the seniors.

I go into this game with the idea of living in the moment. I don’t expect anything special, but something tells me we might see it anyway. I hope my gut is right for a change. If not, well, this is a very tough spot for Kentucky and Georgia is an outstanding football team.

Go, ‘Cats!