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UT Arlington 12, Kentucky 55: Second Half Live Thread

Yes, you read the score right.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, that was just unfair. I’ve never seen anything quite like that half of basketball. We’ve seen Kentucky hold teams to low percentages, but we’ve never seen them do it while shooting 61% from the field and 46% from three. That was absolutely a nightmare for an opponent.

Box Score

1.4 points per possession is insane. Doing that while holding the opponent to .316 points per possession is not of this world. Seriously, those number simply don’t correspond to anything anyone has ever seen in college basketball. This is basketball lunacy, and we’re in cloud-cuckoo land right now.

UTA has got to be more patient, spread the floor, and try to get some clean looks from three. Because driving the ball into Kentucky’s big people is not a plan, and will not work except as an opportunity to start a Kentucky fast break, and add to their block stats.

Stay tuned for the second half. This could be truly epic.