Best and worst ways to defend Louisville receiver DeVante Parker

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

If you are playing a really good player like DeVante Parker, you must make him work to be good. Notre Dame used press coverage with their corner or safety and got their hands on him. Great players like Parker can beat you no matter what you do, but at the very least it is best not to mimic Boston College's game plan. The Eagles allowed Parker to free release into open space. Simply because you have a player in front and over the top, it does not do you much good against the length of Parker unless you delay the timing of his route. Below are two examples of what happened to BC when they allowed him to free release and run to open space.

First, the corner back is playing open technique to funnel Parker to the safety. However, the free safety is in the middle of the field. The defense can't allow the receiver to run free down the numbers, and then expect its middle of the field safety to provide much help. The defense has to create collisions and make him work. Again, "disrupt and delay" is the name of the game.

In this next example, Parker aligns in the slot. Again, no one aligns over him and no one gets their body on him. The defense must walk a safety down or a linebacker out. (Watch how physical Saban's teams are with the slots and that is what I would attempt to do to Parker if he aligned inside.)

Here are these two plays on video.