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Kentucky 40, Boston University 35: Second Half Game Thread

Kentucky made a mess out of the first half of this game.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Folks that was one foul-smelling first half. I could smell the funk all the way from Louisville. Kentucky came out with soft passes, poor shooting and lots and lots of turnovers to help Boston university stay within five. That, and 40% free throw shooting made the first half a mess.

First half stats

Read ‘em and weep.

A bigger problem for Kentucky is that they are just having a hard time guarding well. They have good possessions, but then they allow BU a clean look. BU got way too many clean looks, and Kentucky missed way too many easy shots. Karl-Anthony Towns just had an awful half, turning the ball over twice and missing two layups.

Well, let’s hope the funk clears out and we see a better second half. Kentucky is not doing enough to draw fouls, they are committing too many, and they must start making three point shots.

Go, ‘Cats!