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Kentucky Wildcats 72, Kansas Jayhawks 40: Post Game Head Shake

Kentucky crushes Kansas, holding them to under 20% shooting from the game.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Wildcats fans, that was a surprise. If you had told me we were going to defenestrate Kansas, beating them by 32 points in a game that wasn’t even that close, I would never have believed you. Yes, we all know UK is capable of some amazing things, but this was unexpected for sure.

I don’t know what to say about Kansas. You don’t "congratulate" a blueblood like them when they get run over like that. We have to say that Kansas did not play anywhere near their potential, and for KU fans, that has to be frustrating. I think the best we can do is honestly wish them well, and for me, I am certain they will be much better as soon as their players have a little more time to gel. To be fair, we had that foreign trip in the summer, and it really helped get this team ahead of the curve. Anyway, best wishes to the Jayhawks, I doubt this will happen if they meet us in the NCAA Tournament later this season.

Box Score (click to embiggen)


  • Team defense was incredible, almost unbelievable. Kansas scored 12 points in the second half. 12! Buffalo scored two more than that in Rupp Arena on Sunday in the second half.

  • I think we’ve heard about all we will be hearing about the platoons. In other words, Dickie V. et. al., try to walk a mile in John Calipari’s shoes before thinking you know more about coaching basketball than him.

  • Kentucky might have been able to beat the 76ers tonight. Just kidding!

  • Eleven (!) blocks against a blueblood team. Eleven. And I think they missed a few.

  • Six turnovers the entire game, only two in the whole second half. I called for better ballhandling, and they gave me the best ballhandling by a Kentucky team in three years.

  • Kentucky held Kansas to 19.6% shooting — for the game. I am speechless. You should be, too.

  • If Kentucky continues to play defense like this, they will make the Suffocats look like a mid-major team.

I have a lot more to say, but it’s late and I have to work tomorrow on non-blog stuff. Tomorrow morning I’ll have up a proper postmortem for you to chew on. I guarantee it will be delicious.

Go, ‘Cats!