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SEC Power Poll Ballot and Results Post-Week 9

Everybody agrees, apparently, that Mississippi State is #1. The rest, not so much.

Andy Lyons

I’m a little late with the SEC Power Poll Ballot this week, the time got away from me. The good news is, once again all of A Sea of Blue’s voters represented, and I think we came up with a good ballot over all.

You can find the final results of the Power Poll here at Team Speed Kills for last week. Some quick observations:

  • Will’s ballot deviated the most from orthodoxy, putting Arkansas up at #7 and Florida down at #12.

  • Amazing to find Kentucky and Florida tied for 10th on ASoB’s ballot, and the overall SEC voters raking the Wildcats higher at #9. Seems like we have a tiny bit of an abusive relationship with our football team.

  • Most SEC voters agree with Will about Florida’s position.

  • #1 was unanimous across the board. As Brandon notes in his comments, it has been a while since #1 has not been from the state of Alabama.

Here is the ballot, make your comments below.

Glenn Alex Will AsoB Average Ordinal Team Comments
1 1 1 1.00 1 Mississippi State Beat Kentucky on the road, which is no easy feat this year. You have to worry about their defense, though.
2 2 2 2.00 2 Alabama Not nearly as convincing as last week. Maybe the Tide are not quite as formidable as they looked last week. Or maybe Tennessee's better than advertised... Nah.
4 3 3 3.33 3 Mississippi Ran into a game Bayou Bengal squad fresh of a murder-death-kill of Kentucky, and the Tigers were still red in tooth and claw.
3 4 6 4.33 4 Auburn Bye week rust and a canny Ol' Ball Coach gave the Fighting Malzahns quite a fright.
5 5 5 5.00 5 Georgia The WLOCP looks like a shoo-in for the Dawgs next week. Has Muchamp given up? I guarantee the Gator faithful have.
6 6 4 5.33 6 LSU Well, if they think they passed a test last week, now they get a Saban rectal exam.
7 7 8 7.33 7 Missouri Kind of muddled through against Vanderbilt, but the Wildcats next week have their eye on a bowl, and the talent to get it done.
8 8 9 8.33 8 Texas A&M They shouldn't need a defense to beat ULM, but they'd better bring an offense to the party.
11 12 7 10.00 9 Arkansas They finally won, although they have yet to beat an SEC squad. To be fair, they are still pretty good.
9 10 12 10.33 T10 Florida What is this team? Will Muschamp has seemingly regressed into an ex-coach before he's even been fired.
10 11 10 10.33 T10 Kentucky Everybody now knows this is a dangerous team. Dangerous, that is, if you don't have a stout defense.
12 9 11 10.67 12 South Carolina We know one thing – the Gamecocks' young defense is inadequate. But with the Visor involved in the playcalling, you'd better be careful, as Auburn nearly discovered to their woe.
13 13 13 13.00 13 Tennessee Call me crazy, but losing every SEC game despite playing a few close ones isn't making me fear them.
14 14 14 14.00 14 Vanderbilt Hey, they scored at Missouri – twice. And were in the game. Of course, they still lost.