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It wasn't the prettiest of wins. It wasn't the most balanced of wins. But it was a win, by God, and it's time to celebrate what our Wildcats accomplished tonight.

JoJo Kemp: True Wildcat.
JoJo Kemp: True Wildcat.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

(I'm not nearly composed enough to write a decent post-game. My heart is still pumping like mad. But here goes!)

It was a game of contrasts tonight in Lexington. South Carolina came out cruising in the first quarter, quickly putting up 2 touchdowns that more or less silenced the capacity crowd. Fortunately in the second quarter, both the defense AND the offense seemed to find some footing. Lather rinse repeat in the second half, when South Carolina again pulled ahead by 14 points, and Mike Davis looked simply unstoppable. JoJo Kemp however, had something to say about that, and fighting clear exhaustion helped to pull the Cats ahead for only our second ever win over the Visor.

Rapid Reaction:

JoJo Kemp is pretty much the Hero of Lexington tonight. 3 Touchdown runs. 131 yards. He fought off fatigue and ran on pure heart. We are blessed to have him wear the Blue and White. (Or Black and Chrome.)

The Defense was hit or miss, and really lost traction in our 3rd quarter conversion progress, but pulled it together in the 4th quarter. Kudos to Bud Dupree for shaking off a bad early game to drive success in the end.

Penalties are going to be our absolute Achilles' heel if we don't get this sorted out. There were entirely too many stupid personals tonight, and I hope the staff drives home the point we aren't good enough to give up that many yards.

All griping aside, tonight is a night of celebration. Our Cats are 4-1, and while I doubt this puts us in the top 25, it does put us well on our way to a very successful season.

Commence the celebration thread!