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Mississippi State 17, Kentucky 10: Second Half Game Thread

Kentucky didn't look great in the first half, but neither did the Bulldogs. Absent a fumble by UK in the red zone, this game could be very close.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky did a lot of good things in that first half, but they really did a lot of bad things that leaves them in a one-touchdown hole. Still, considering how good the Mississippi State offense has been this year, Kentucky’s defense has been pretty stout holding them to only 17 points, at least three of which were given up by the offense by fumbling the football in the red zone.

Honestly, this has been a competitive game on both sides of the ball. Mississippi State is clearly able to move the ball better on offense, but Kentucky has done some damage with the pass despite Patrick Towles suffering three sacks in that first stanza.

Dropped passes, fumbles, a mess on special teams. All these things have contributed in some way to UK being behind. Kentucky must find much sharper execution in the second half if they want to have any chance at pulling off the upset, but it’s pretty clear that they are competitive enough to get the job done. Clean up the drops, protect Towles better, and show some quality on special teams and this game could get real exciting.

Go, ‘Cats!