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2014 SEC Power Poll: Post-Week 8 Ballot

Mississippi State narrowly gets the nod on A Sea of Blue's 3-man Power Poll ballot.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It’s SEC Power Poll time, and for once, all three voters managed to cast a ballot, which makes our ballot much more interesting. Here, you’ll see the final order sorted by average votes. We’ll publish the final poll separately when it’s available.

Here are a few notes:

  • Alex is higher on Ole Miss than Will or I, so the vote for #1 was not unanimous. In general, Alex’s vote is more "unorthodox" than the others, which means he’s just as likely to be right.

  • My ballot departed most on South Carolina, who both Alex and Will don’t think as much of.

  • Alex, on the other hand, was a lot fonder of Florida than Will or I. I’d rather him be right than us about that.

  • We universally had the Tennessee teams at the bottom. After the last few years, that has to make you smile a little.

  • Will thinks a lot better of Arkansas than Alex or I, and I get that. Arkansas may be the best team in the nation with an 0-4 conference record. I’m not sure if that’s something to celebrate, though.

  • Weirdly, we all agree within 1 position of the top six. The bottom half of the league gets more mixed up except for the very bottom, which tells us there isn’t much difference between them.

Your comments are welcome and encouraged.

Glenn Alex Will Average Team Comments (Glenn)
1 2 1 1.3 Mississippi State Right now, they simply look incredible, even in a bye week.
2 1 2 1.7 Mississippi Football is God in the Magnolia State this year
4 3 3 3.3 Alabama What a turnaround. Is this the real Tide? If so, they'll have a chance to prove it on Nov 15th.
3 4 4 3.7 Auburn
5 5 5 5.0 Georgia This team doesn't look quite this good, but nothing seems to faze them.
6 6 6 6.0 LSU Has the sleeper awakened?
7 8 9 8.0 Texas A&M Seems like they've lost interest in winning – or even being particularly competitive.
9 7 8 8.0 Missouri This team can defend, and score without the ball, but can they do it every Saturday? Because the offense looks like it's knee deep in quicksand.
8 11 11 10.0 South Carolina They can beat an FBS team. This we now know. But Auburn is... more challenging.
10 10 10 10.0 Kentucky Laid an egg in the Pelican State. Now, they get to try to knock off #1. Lots of luck.
12 12 7 10.3 Arkansas Best team in America without a conference win.
11 9 12 10.7 Florida I thought they played Missouri last week, not Alabama. Oh, they made Missouri look like Alabama. I get it.
13 13 13 13.0 Tennessee No shame in losing to Ole Miss in Oxford this year, but can they bounce back against the rising Tide?
14 14 14 14.0 Vanderbilt When you win by 1 against an FCS team at home, you know your season's a dumpster fire.