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SEC Power Poll: Ballot And Results

Alabama is firmly in front for A Sea of Blue's ballot. Most of the SEC voters agree.

Kevin C. Cox

Here are this weeks SEC Power Poll votes for A Sea of Blue. Thank heavens for Alex and Will, because as sometimes happens, I forgot to cast my ballot. It’s just one of those things for me, I guess.

Anyway, you can find the SEC Power Poll results over on Team Speed Kills, as always. A Sea of Blue’s ballot can be found below:

Avg rank Glenn Will Alex Team Comments
1 DNV 1 1 Alabama
2.5 DNV 3 2 Texas A&M
2.5 DNV 2 3 Auburn
4.5 DNV 5 4 Mississippi [Alex] How excited are Alabama and Ole Miss fans for the SEC game of the week? The cheapest seats currently available on Stubhub are $210.
4.5 DNV 4 5 Mississippi State
6.5 DNV 7 6 LSU
8 DNV 9 7 Georgia
8 DNV 8 8 Missouri
8 DNV 6 10 Arkansas
9.5 DNV 10 9 South Carolina
11.5 DNV 11 12 Tennessee
12 DNV 13 11 Florida
12.5 DNV 12 13 Kentucky [Alex] The Cats are one play from 4-0, 2-0- but it's hard to put them any higher than 13th after a lackluster offensive second half and UT's showing against Georgia
14 DNV 14 14 Vanderbilt [Alex] I don't remember feeling sorry for an SEC opponent too many times. But it was hard not to feel for Vandy as Derek Mason waived the white flag, watching Kentucky salt the game away with two timeouts left in his pocket. I doubt the 'Dores would have scored an offensive touchdown if the game was extended four quarters.

Your comments are welcome and encouraged as always.