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SEC Power Poll Ballot Post-Week 7

The Ole Miss Rebels top our SEC Power Poll ballot this week.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We had only one voter in the SEC Power Poll this week, and that was the reliable Alex.  Neither Will nor I was able to watch any SEC football this weekend, although I could tell you a lot about the Navy's version of the Flexbone/veer offense after Saturday.

Here is Alex's ballot:

Rank Team
1 Mississippi
2 Mississippi State
3 Auburn
4 Alabama
5 Georgia
6 Texas A&M
8 Florida
9 Kentucky
10 Arkansas
11 South Carolina
12 Missouri
13 Tennessee
14 Vanderbilt

My comments about the ballot:

  • I think it's bold to go against the grain and put Mississippi ahead of Mississippi State. I don't think many will do that, but I do think there's a solid argument for the Rebels.
  • What do you think of putting Missouri down so low?  Georgia was their first SEC loss, and even though it was at home, do you think they deserve to be ranked below Florida and South Carolina?  Myself, I'm not so sure, but then again, I didn't see the game, and Georgia did thump them at home.  I think their position is defensible, but I can also see an argument putting them up to four spots higher.  Still, I think Alex would say, rightly, "Who have they beaten?"  Fair point.
  • Tennessee.  Heh.
  • I think Kentucky is in the right place right now on the ballot.  If we can do something at LSU, maybe we deserve to be higher, but right now, we've beaten a young Vanderbilt team and a 3-3 South Carolina team.  Not exactly the stuff top five rankings are made of.  Having said that, if UK manages to somehow beat LSU (and even considering LSU isn't exactly their normal awesome selves), we would certainly deserve to move into the top half of the league.  Wouldn't that be something?
  • Raise your hand if you thought Alabama would be 4th best in the SEC at any time this season, but let's be honest; there is little doubt that's where they belong right now.
I'll put up the results later.