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Mississippi St. at Kentucky: Second Half Game Thread

That was an ugly half of basketball. Let's hope for better.

Calling Julius Randle.  Come in, Julius ...
Calling Julius Randle. Come in, Julius ...
Andy Lyons

Well, I must say, I think John Calipari must have sent a bunch of nasty hate mail to the SEC officials over Christmas. Not a good idea, John. They apparently got it.  Here's the first half stats, if you can stand to look at them.

Whatever, the officiating isn't the reason for this mess. Kentucky is doing nothing that I suggested, and as a result, they are losing. Yes, there have been some bad calls, but there always are, and even if they seem to be going against the boys in Blue, you just have to play through it.

Kentucky got here because they are not talking on defense, they are not helping each other, and they are not playing anything like zone offense. They are just hanging around looking foolish, and letting the this young Mississippi St. team take it to them.  Transition defense has once again been abysmal.  The four or five bad calls did not make them turn the ball over 8 times, or surrender 44% shooting to the Bulldogs while managing only 37% themselves.

We need a much better effort in the second half.