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Kentucky Sports: Wildcat Chatter 1/31/2014 Edition

The Wildcat Chatters get together again to talk Kentucky sports.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome once again to the latest version of Wildcat Chatter. This edition features Alex Scutchfield as the host, myself, James Streble, and Will Marshall. Our topics for conversation are:

  • The commitment of Matt Elam and what it means;
  • The 2014 recruiting class in general;
  • Each of us talks about our favorite 2014 recruit;
  • We recap the LSU game, what happened, what it means, and what went wrong;
  • The Missouri game, what it takes for Kentucky to win, and what it means;
  • The 2014 basketball season to date.

This is the first edition of Wildcat Chatter for this year, and there are a lot of topics to cover in a short time. The plan is to try to keep to the 2-week schedule, but of course, those schedules didn't hold up very good during the holidays and early in the year. Now that we've gotten past the crush, the plan is to try to stick to schedule.

Hope you enjoy it.

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