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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Matt Elam Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Matt Elam picks between Kentucky and Alabama today. Kentucky women's basketball travels to Georgia tonight. Four men and one women's basketball recruit named McDonald's All-Americans. More.

Matt Elam makes his choice between Alabama and Kentucky today.
Matt Elam makes his choice between Alabama and Kentucky today.
SB Nation Recruiting

Matt Elam day here in the Big Blue Nation. Basketball goes on hold until noon today when the big guy announces his decision.

Tweet of the Morning:

Who, indeed?

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Mr. SEC says "Kudos to Kentucky for backing Mark Stoops." Consider:

    It’s not a guarantee of success, mind you, but Mark Stoops’ chances of succeeding will most certainly go up once UK spends $45 million to build a new football training center and practice fields.

    I think this is right. Next week, we'll have the chance to prove it by adding the highest-ranked UK recruiting class ever.

  • Jeff Sentell of's take on Kentucky's most recent commitment. Consider this:

    The prospect gets snowed in at his school. Incoming recruiters push their rental car to the limits going about 20 miles in treacherous snowy roads to reach him.

    It takes a pair of Kentucky coaches about six or seven hours to reach Spain Park's Jervontius Stallings at that snail's pace.

    Their rental is allowed to travel no further about a mile or two away from that recruit's high school. So they cover the rest of the ground between a health insurance policy for their future quarterbacks on foot.

    Hell of a story. You should read the whole thing. Via Hank.

  • Alabama fans are confident they'll get Matt Elam, and I would not bet against them. Just as Alabama didn't get DeMarcus Cousins, I fear the same holds true for football and Kentucky. But you never know — Stoops and Co. have worked really hard. Sometimes, hard work pays off even when all the advantages are with the other guy. Via Hank

  • I hope he's right.

  • John Clay predicts Matt Elam to Kentucky.

  • Steve Jones at the Courier-Journal has more on Matt Elam.

Kentucky basketball
  • More on the Kentucky signees for 2014. I really like how things are developing for next season, even though it may be at the expense of this one.

  • Well, you knew this was coming. Every game we lose is always an indictment of Calipari's system. You think people would get tired of being obtuse about this, but you'd be wrong.

  • KSR nit-picks a Dan Dakich comment. C'mon, guys, don't throw away the moral authority you built up when Dakich went nuts on Twitter at you. There is a point of diminishing returns, you know.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • There will be three unbeaten teams going into February this season.

  • So Rick Pitino wasn't consulted about the Bobby Petrino hire?

    Despite his local stature and national reputation, Pitino is not the czar of Floyd Street. U of L athletic director Tom Jurich is not obliged to seek Pitino’s blessing before selecting coaches in other sports. Yet since it was obvious from the outset that hiring Petrino as the Cardinals’ football coach could create some collateral damage for Pitino and his family, Jurich probably should have broached the subject beforehand.

    He had to know that there would be some moral outrage and mean-spirited humor as a result of the messy extramarital scandals of his two highest-profile employees, and he should have braced Pitino for that backlash before the coach was told Twitter was "going crazy with Petrino/Pitino jokes."

    Heh. Indeed. Tim Sullivan goes on to reprove Jurich for being ham-handed and insensitive to poor Ricky P's family. I get the feeling that there is a whole lot more friction on Floyd Street than meets the eye, and I have a feeling this won't be the last we hear of it.

  • Florida's highest-ranked recruit, Chris Walker, finally cleared by the NCAA. This could make the Gators better, but often, mid-season additions disrupt the rotation and chemistry. We'll have to see.

Other sports news
Other news