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Kentucky Wildcats at LSU Tigers: Live Game Thread

It's a cat fight in the frigid bayou!

Andy Lyons

Welcome to the official live game thread for the Kentucky Wildcats at LSU Tigers basketball game. This game is brought to you courtesy of Old Man Winter, who has even managed to infect the Bayou with his frigid grasp.

Particulars and viewing information for this game can be found at For the record, it is on the ESPN mothership as part of Super Tuesday, so I'm guessing it will be pretty hard to miss in the country. For those of you elsewhere, I have no idea.

The game tonight is the first of two major SEC mid-season examinations for the Kentucky Wildcats. LSU is a big, strong team that has plenty of depth and lots of talent. Technically, they are not as talented as Kentucky, but they are more experienced and they are playing at home, both of which count for a lot.

To win, Kentucky must:

  • Take care of the basketball. LSU is a very good steals team, and just like Louisville, they feed off of them. If Kentucky feeds them, they will be tough to beat.

  • Get off to a good start. LSU is good enough to hold a lead if they get one.

  • Keep LSU out of transition. LSU is very quick at the guard position, and their big people can run as well.

  • Attack the offensive glass. LSU is a good offensive rebounding team, but Kentucky is a better one. Winning the offensive rebounding battle on the road is big.

  • Make free throws. LSU is going to get a favorable whistle, so Kentucky must continue their recent good free throw shooting.

This will be a tough game for the Wildcats, physical and difficult. This is the first road test for Kentucky since the Arkansas game, and even though LSU isn't playing as well as Arkansas at home, they are plenty good enough and they are definitely desperate for a quality win to have any chance at the NCAA Tournament.

Go, 'Cats!