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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Kentucky Facilities Upgrade Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky football facilities upgrade on track. Wildcats play LSU in Baton Rouge tonight, weather permitting, but the game could be moved to tomorrow if not. More.

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Streeter Lecka

Today's weather could be a problem for the LSU game tonight, and may force cancellation due to the potential of an ice storm down in Baton Rouge today. Stay tuned for updates as the day wears on.

If the game gets cancelled for tonight, it appears it will be rescheduled for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the big news is about the football facilities upgrades.

Tweet of the Morning:

Yahtzee? Well, kind of...

Your Quickies:

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  • LSU big men present a challenge for Kentucky. Yes, this is a big, strong LSU team. The main thing is to remember to block out your man, and bring the effort. Those two things will solve most problems when it comes to rebounding.

  • John Calipari previews the LSU game.

    Calipari praised the team's practice. He says he's still trying to get James Young to jump-stop in the lane and stop avoiding contact.

  • Is Kentucky starting to love the grind? Calipari thinks so.

  • Another "embrace the process" piece. There is no escape.

  • Heh. KSR takes some shots at Dan Dakich, who manifestly deserves them after calling out KSR on Twitter the other day an a way totally unfitting anyone calling basketball games for a living.

    As far as whether or not Dakich should be covering Kentucky, I can honestly say in the times he has called the games that UK has played in, he's done a fair job. I do think his recent comments hurt both ESPN and his own credibility, and ESPN should take note and ask him to stop that if he wants to work for them. Trolling fans may generate a lot of inflammatory rhetoric and website hits, but it also places one's objectivity squarely on the line. It also takes away his ability to honestly criticize Kentucky without being seen as biased against them. That's bad for everybody.

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  • Jeremy Fowler explores allegations of Alabama NCAA compliance problems. I think the alliterative sobriquet "Teflon Tide" casts a bit of doubt on his fairness, at least on the face of it. I think people writing stories that purport to be analyzing things like this should probably avoid cheesy humor.

    He doesn't appear to make the allegation that Alabama is getting away with anything, but rather that the problems exist and should be a concern. In fact, consider this:

    That doesn't necessarily mean Alabama was negligent. It's uncertain when school officials knew about [former player D.J.] Fluker's enticements and when they happened. Alabama acted swiftly once the story broke in September, hiring the Birmingham-based firm Starnes Davis Florie LLC and banning Davis from campus.

    So why inflame the Alabama fan base with the whole "Teflon Tide" thing? It's unnecessary and contrary to his otherwise reasonable analysis. Why muck it up for the sake of being clever?

  • A grand jury has indicted a Charlotte, N.C. police officer in the shooting death of a Florida A&M football player by resubmitting a case to a grand jury, an unusual event that required a judge to okay it. I urge you not to draw conclusions, as Wheatgerm has reminded us several times. This is a politically charged case and unusual circumstances.

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