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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Anthony Davis Edition (Again)

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. 4-star lineman Matt Elam to announce his college decision on Thursday at noon. UK women's tennis falls to Duke. More.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Anthony Davis is really becoming what we all expected him to be — a bona fide star, and from the look of things, he's going to be hitting the all star game sooner rather than later — maybe even this season.

Consider this. Look out below, Big Baby:

Tweet of the Day:

Nothing like a little smack talk to start off a Monday

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • This week's version of This is Kentucky Basketball is available online at

  • Coach Cal gives Alan Cutler a wet willie. Hilarious. Via Hank

  • Tim Sullivan is in the group that suggests not much can be learned from the Georgia beat-down, and that position is certainly defensible. I personally find that a perfunctory and unconvincing analysis. There were many things that were noticeably better, particularly how well Julius Randle shared the basketball and how well the team executed on offense.

    But anyone can be forgiven for insisting on validation, and LSU in Baton Rouge on Tuesday would certainly seem to provide a test of adequate difficulty.

  • Aaron Perkins at KSR says Kentucky is improving slowly but surely. I think this is an apt description, but the question I have is, "Is it too slow?" NCAA basketball requires that you reach a certain level by a certain time to compete for the NCAA Championship. Can Kentucky get there in time?

  • Kentucky's next opponent, LSU, had a very tough loss against Alabama this weekend. That means we'll be facing a desperate team come Tuesday night:

    Still, this game just slowly twisted the knife in through everything in its path for LSU. Surely the players. Definitely the fans watching, most of whom got sucked back in by LSU's 18-6 run midway through the second half. And most likely the Tigers' postseason aspirations. Already flimsy due to losses against Rhode Island and Ole Miss, LSU's resume will be laughed at for NCAA consideration (barring wins vs. Kentucky and/or Florida) now.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • Block-charge call still needs work. The really bad call against Villanova is a perfect example. Consider the quote from John Adams, NCAA coordinator of officials:

    "We're just not there yet,'' Adams said. "It's not in the DNA because it's not what they're used to doing. The block-charge call is a hard call to make and then you add in the circle and it's as hard, if not the hardest. We've only had this for two years and we're still trying to get used to looking at feet first.''

    I can see this, the circle makes it hard. I think at some point we're either going to have to institute a challenge rule like the NFL, or something similar. Trying to see three elements at once — the defender's feet, his body position, and the offensive player's body position just doesn't seem possible in a game played at this speed.

    I think the NBA solves this by defaulting to a block call and calling a charge only when it's obvious.

  • Scores from last night. UCLA beats Cal, North Carolina beats a good Clemson team, and Arizona survives a close on with Utah.

  • I can't blame anybody for cursing at Marshall Henderson. He's eminently curse-worthy. Question for the morning: Can you imagine the outcry if this had been John Calipari instead of Rick Ray?

  • Marcus Smart behaved a bit badly yesterday. I don't think it's particularly noteworthy, the kid is a competitor and had a bad game. Moving on.

  • Ruh roh.

  • Is Florida's Chris Walker on the verge of becoming eligible?

Other sports news
  • Archie Goodwin was sent down to the D-League for a very brief stint. After he averaged 29 points and 6 rebounds, he got recalled by the Suns.