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Kentucky Wildcats Sunday Quickies: Grammy Awards Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky defeats Georgia. UK target Matt Elam takes visit to Lexington, may decide next week. Star 2015 offensive lineman has UK on his list. More.

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Tony Bennett - now THERE is a Grammy Award winner.  15 times, to be exact.
Tony Bennett - now THERE is a Grammy Award winner. 15 times, to be exact.
Thearon W. Henderson

The Grammy Awards are tonight. I don't know how many of you actually care about this, but I'll be forced to watch by my wife. So who do you think should win a Grammy, but probably won't?

Tweet of the Day:

Getting the class complete would be nice.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News says that Kentucky's freshman class is meeting expectations:

    Their influence in barely more than half a season has been striking, matching most expectations if not the hype that accompanied their debut.

    "I think it’s an A," said ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg, when asked to grade the group. "Just the energy created by this group for college basketball was unbelievable. As a group, they’ve been spectacular. A realistic basketball person would say they’ve transitioned very well."

    Does that mean UK fans are unrealistic? I'd say "probably" if it was anyone but Seth Greeenberg positing the question.

  • The ball moves, the 'Cats win. Too right. Consider:

    "One of the big emphases in the last week was moving the ball," said Willie Cauley-Stein, who bounced out of his recent three-game slump with eight points, six blocks and six steals. "We did a really good job of moving it and getting other people shots. It worked out good."

    Yeah, Willie, it almost always works out good when you move the ball.

  • John Calipari showed James Young that his game was flawed once he got to Kentucky. I found this interesting:

    "I wouldn’t say a breakthrough (against Georgia), but we’re just getting better day by day, practice by practice. I just feel we’re slowing getting better. To be where we want to be is going to take time," Young said.

    While true, I am constrained to point out that the clock is ticking ...

  • Aaron Harrison thinks it's way too cold here. I can't help but agree. Via Hank.

  • Jarrod Polson's jersey is retired at his high school. Congratulations, Jarrod.

  • Seeing beyond the "clutter." Background noise from friends and family is always a problem, especially when it comes to highly-ranked players. This is an interesting observation:

    This is the tradeoff for attracting so many soon-to-be professional players and it is a tradeoff any college coach would make in an eye-blink. But while other coaches might evince exasperation at spending so much time on the rudiments of basketball and so little on refinement, Calipari conveys a curious amount of serenity. Where another coach might seem anxious or annoyed at the progress of young players, Calipari appears slightly amused and unusually detached.

    I don't think I would describe Calipari this way. Remember last season, when he was exasperated to the point of suggesting some players were uncoachable? Maybe he's just trying on the Phil Jackson zen approach this season to see how it works out.

    Judging by the results of the last two games, I'd say he's making headway

Other Kentucky sports
College football
  • Fox Sports grades the football coaching hires. This is fun:

    Grade: D Bobby Petrino, Louisville: If the goal is to simply win, the return of Petrino is a magnificent hire. Strong left him with plenty of toys to play with, but a reputation for bouncing between jobs makes you wonder how long it will last -- though a $10 million buyout could help there. Of more tangible concern, how will his ugly exit from Arkansas and his questionable behavior impact his ability to recruit?

    It's also fairly interesting that they rated the Charlie Strong hire at Texas only a C. I happen to agree with them on this as well. They rank James Franklin (Vandy to Penn St.) and Chris Petersen, who went to Washington from Boise St., as the only "A" hires. Via Hank.

  • Louisville down to 17 commitments and recruits are canceling visits. I'm sure the recruit's parents just love Bobby Petrino's bio. Via Hank.

College basketball
Other sports news
  • I know a thing or two about back pain, and wish I didn't. Get better, Phil.

  • I really haven't been following the whole Sherman thing, but it's obvious he's focusing too much on theatrics and not enough on football, and it's got him into trouble. I think the fine should have bee about 3X what it was. Fining an NFL player $7,875.00 is like fining a regular person $100. Make it sting a little, I say.

  • Jacob Tamme family considers it a "blessing" to be back in the Super Bowl. I think that's right.

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