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Texas A&M at Kentucky: Second Half Live Game Thread

Kentucky ends the first half up seven points, but it was not a good first half for the boys in Blue and White.

Andy Lyons

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but that was about the most listless half of basketball that we've seen from the Wildcats in a while. I think these guys have been reading some blogger previews of this game rather than coming in and treating their opponent with proper respect. What we saw in this half was a Texas A&M team that brought way more effort than Kentucky, who seems to think this is some kind of pre-season scrimmage.

I must confess, I am getting tired of seeing this. Perhaps this team really isn't at team, and perhaps they never will be. All I can say is that this was one lousy half of basketball, from the turnovers to the missed free throws to the absolute lack of defensive intensity. It was as if these players had created a bunch of cyborgs, set their intensity level on "medium," and sent them to play in their stead.

Let's hope Coach Cal can light a fire under these guys, send the cyborgs back to their charging cubicles, and get some real players out on the floor to give Texas A&M a contest. Yeah, so UK is up — big deal. They are not playing the way a Kentucky team should. I want better. I demand better. It's time these guys started to deliver. Past time in fact.

Play basketball! Go, 'Cats!