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Texas A&M Aggies at Kentucky Wildcats: Live Game Thread

The Aggies of College Station and the Wildcats of Lexington face off in an SEC battle for a 4-1 record.

Andy Lyons

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome once again to the greatest basketball show on earth! This time, it's your Kentucky Wildcats welcoming the Texas A&M Aggies to snowy Lexington Kentucky for a little roundball. Now, the Aggies, they're pretty good at football, but this game (hopefully) belongs to the Blue and White.

For the Texas A&M viewpoint on this game, be sure to check out Good Bull Hunting, SB Nation's excellent Aggies community.

Whether it really does or not is a matter yet to be resolved, though. To wit, let's take a look at what's important in this contest:

Kentucky wins if:

  • They don't turn the ball over;
  • They attack the rim to get layups or fouls;
  • The win the rebounding battle;
  • They make 70% or more of their free throws;
  • They defend more consistently;

Kentucky loses if:

  • They turn the ball over liberally;
  • They shoot 50% or less from the line;
  • They fail to guard the 3-point shot;
  • They don't win the offensive rebounding battle;
  • Kentucky doesn't match or exceed the effort of the Aggies.

This is a simple game. When you out-talent your opponent, play to your strengths and don't allow your foe out-hustle you. Kentucky, at one time or another this season, has run into difficulty with all the things I noted above, and every one of them have been complicit in a win, or in a loss.

We have been waiting for the Wildcats to break out all season. Will the wait continue?

Go, 'Cats!