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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Texas A&M Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky plays Texas A&M tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern in Rupp Arena. John Calipari was out recruiting yesterday at the Hoophall Classic in Massachusetts. More.

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Texas A&M coach Andy Kennedy
Texas A&M coach Andy Kennedy
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M makes the near-1000 mile trip from College Station, Texas to Lexington tonight to challenge the Wildcats. I hope the weather is better to them than it was to me this morning. Yech. I hate snow.

Tweet of the Morning:

Something I'd like to see come to a screeching halt.

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  • Via Hank: Northeastern's AD Peter Roby blasted Louisville's hire of Bobby Petrino at the NCAA convention. Consider:

    "We keep telling (coaches that) they have to be men of integrity and character," Roby said. "Yet (Petrino) gets another opportunity and is going to make $3.5 million. It's like he didn't pay any price for all the embarrassments he caused to the institutions where he was at, to his family, to the NCAA and to the member schools. We all get painted with that brush."

    Too right.

  • On the same topic, Stewart Mandel reports on the NCAA's "Core Values" discussed at the meeting:

    Interestingly, a previously bland Q&A session didn't truly heat up until moderator Jean Frankel, the NCAA's outside management consultant (think "the Bobs" from Office Space), showed a slide entitled "NCAA Core Values" (page 14), first adopted in 2004. She'd made a seemingly innocuous remark about the need to reevaluate the list annually, to which someone replied, astutely, they aren't core values if you change them every year.

    Via Hank.

  • Can Marquis Teague match the rise of his brother, Jeff? Nets Daily, SB Nation's New York Nets community, examines the question. Consider:

    Most pundits seem willing to dismiss Teague after a year and a half under Tom Thibodeau. Bulls fans considered him a bust. A first round pick two years ago, he never fulfilled his promise.

    Still, there is a precedent out there that has to give the Nets and their fans some hope: Teague's brother, Jeff, the starting point guard on the Hawks, is now a solid NBA point guard who like his brother was considered a bust his first two years in the NBA. As Hoops Addict stated at the end of last season, "Jeff Teague’s first two seasons in the NBA were an unequivocal bust." In fact, it could be said he was a bigger bust than Marquis.

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