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Kentucky Basketball: UK Signee Karl Towns Jr. Shows His Touch At Hoophall

Karl Towns is scary. Really scary. When he shoots the ball, the rim rarely gets a touch.

David Becker

You guys remember Karl Towns Jr., right? Well, he's going to be harder and harder to forget the closer he gets to the day he dons the Blue and White for Kentucky. I haven't seen a great deal of tape on him, but MassLive, who is covering the Hoophall Classic up in Springfield, Massachusetts, is keeping me up to date on the goings-on of Kentucky's recruits and commitments.

From Terrence Payne of

"Twin towers," Towns said of him and Johnson. "[Dakari] is a big man, imposing on the block and everything. Then there’s me being able to step out and shoot the threes and dribble the ball. We can really be a deadly duo. Right now we’ll have to see what the future holds for him.

"Trey, come on, Trey [Lyles] is one of the best players in the country and me and him working together is going to be such a great duo."


"Oh Tyler Ulis, he’s the ninja assassin," Towns said. "He’s so small, but he’s just an assassin. His size deceives you a lot, he can really drop a lot of buckets, make a lot of assists, make a lot of things happen.

It's really exciting thinking about the possibility of Towns, Lyles and possibly the Harrison twins. Once again, with Dakari Johnson still here, that would make for one of the tallest teams in Kentucky history, and don't forget Marcus Lee. It just boggles the mind. Oh, you need some quickness? How about Ulis for a little change of pace, a lightning quick pass-first point guard who you absolutely must guard at all times.

There is much more, and you really should take the time to read the whole thing. MassLive is doing a great job covering the tournament, so please do show your appreciation by clicking on the links and reading their coverage.

Here's a little video of Towns, courtesy of MassLive: