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GOG 2013-14 #11: Texas A&M and Georgia [Scored]

A couple of home games this week against teams with good defenses. John Calipari has never beaten Texas A&M in Rupp Arena. He should change that.

Andy Lyons

Upcoming GOG Schedule

  • Week 11: @LSU, @Missouri
  • Week 12: Mississippi, @Miss. St
  • Week 13: @Auburn, Florida
  • Week 14: @Mississippi, LSU

Preseason GOG

The Preseason GOG describes the game. Click the link to get more information about how the GOG is played.

Previous GOG Results

GOG #10 is scored. Congratulations to the Ken Howlett for winning!

Useful Resources:

GOG 2013-14 #11: Texas A&M and Georgia [26 points Max]

Answers are due by 9:00 PM on Tuesday, January 21.

  1. Against which opponent does UK score the most points? [+/- 1 point] Georgia
  2. How many points does UK allow against Texas A&M? [4/3/2/1 point] 51
  3. How many points does UK allow against Georgia? [4/3/2/1 point] 54
  4. Who leads Kentucky in scoring coming off the bench against Texas A&M?  [3 points] Poythress
  5. Who leads Kentucky in assists against Georgia: Andrew Harrison or Someone Else?  [+/- 1 point] Andrew Harrison
  6. How many Wildcats score in double figures for both games in each game (edited for clarity)? [3 points; 1 point if within two] 3 (Randle, Young, Poythress)
  7. Predict Andrew Harrison's Made FG / Assists / Steals against Texas A&M. [3 points each; 1 point if within two] 3 / 4 / 0
  8. Alex Caruso of TAMU leads the team in both blocks and assists.  That's weird. Does he block the shot of any of UK's guards?  [+/- 1 point] No

Bonus: Against Texas A&M, How many free throws does UK make before their first miss from the line?  You will receive points equal to your guess, as long as your guess is less than or equal to the correct answer.  For example, if you guess "4" and UK makes their first 6, then you will receive 4 points.  However, if the correct answer is 0,1,2, or 3 then you don't get anything.  If you guess "0" and are correct you will receive 1 point.

You can earn a lot of points, but the higher your guess the more you risk not getting anything!

0 made in a row

Note: To save a little time on my end I'm going to start listing overall totals only for the winner of the GOG, the #1 overall player and a couple of random places.  Of course, you can always figure out how many points you have by keeping track yourself!

1 knoxcat 16 152 1
2 kydamcat 15

3 kcgard2 14

3 CatinTheLou 14

5 GoLightning 13

6 sweasyf 12

7 BCinVA 11

8 Ken Howlett 10 127 7
8 a2d2 10 120 8
8 ukcris 10

11 blupride 9

12 BigBlueFever 8

12 margiefrancie 8

12 Wild Weasel 8

12 dale.martin.106 8

16 JLeverenz 6

17 MetropolisBlue 5

17 UKWildcats#1 5