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Kentucky Football: Demarco Robinson Arrested

Demarco Robinson is in trouble again, this time with the law.


Junior wide receiver Demarco Robinson has been arrested by police, according to the Kentucky Kernel:

UK junior wide receiver Demarco Robinson was arrested, UK Athletics has confirmed.

UK spokesman Tony Neely said that head coach Mark Stoops is aware of the situation, but is out recruiting and will address the arrest when he returns.

Robinson was suspended indefinitely late last season for one of those "team rules violation" things that normally equates to some sort of substance abuse, usually marijuana. However, we really don't know the full reason for the arrest, or the suspension. Those are the sorts of things that aren't released by the athletics department. Suffice it to say that he is now a significant discipline problem, even if this arrest turns out to be nothing. By the way, arrests like this rarely turn out to be nothing, but the young man deserves the benefit of the doubt if only because we know so little.

My suspicion is that this is likely to be the straw that breaks the camel's back for Robinson, and that very likely, we have seen the last of him in Blue and White. I'd like to be wrong about that because I think he can be a dynamic player, but ... well, we'll see.