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Kentucky Wildcats vs. Tennessee Volunteers: Calipari Pre-Game Press Conference (Live)

Coach Cal previews the game tomorrow versus Tennessee.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

John Calipari is scheduled to preview the Tennessee game just after noon today. Here is the live video feed where you can watch it if you want, or watch the replay later. I'll check the link sometime this afternoon to make sure it's still good.

This game against the Tennessee Volunteers is yet another critical early-conference season exam for Kentucky. After the tough loss on the road to Arkansas, the Wildcats absolutely cannot afford another loss, especially at home. I'm not that worried, though, the Vols do not match up well at all against Kentucky, and they don't have the kind of shooting that Arkansas does. I think we can foul both Jeronne Maymon and Jarnell Stokes out of the ballgame. They are big and strong, but Kentucky's big men are just as big and much quicker afoot.

Still, this is likely to be a mud-wrestling match, as Tennessee needs to muck it up and hope the officials reprise their Arkansas failure. That has happened before, and could happen again.

Take it away, coach.