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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Eric Bledsoe Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Julius Randle may provide the leadership Kentucky needs. Mark Stoops the lowest-paid coach in the SEC, but not by much. More.

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Former Wildcat Eric Bledsoe is expected to return this season from knee surgery.
Former Wildcat Eric Bledsoe is expected to return this season from knee surgery.
Stephen Dunn

It's more likely than not that Eric Bledsoe will return this season after undergoing knee surgery. That has to be good news for the Suns, who have struggled with him out of the lineup.

Tweets of the Morning:

I just have to ask the question, "Why is this the NCAA's fault?" Texas Tech is the team that is not giving him a scholarship and won't let him transfer to another Big 12 school. Is it Bilas' position that because the NCAA rules allow that, it is somehow their fault? I find that absurd. The school is 100% to blame, along with the coaching staff, for inhibiting this young man's ability to go to another school in the Big 12 and get academic aid that Texas Tech is apparently unwilling to provide.

The NCAA is blameworthy for a lot of things, and yes, they could do away with the rule that allows such restrictions. But they won't, and the reason is, the schools that make up the NCAA want this rule in place. So why don't we put the blame where it belongs? And why can't Bilas be a little more discriminating in his crusade? It would make him more credible, in my view.

Go get 'em, coach!

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Head coaching salaries — Mark Stoops is bringing up the rear. Vanderbilt is not included because they are a private school and don't have to disclose their coach's salary, whoever that turns out to be.
Kentucky basketball
  • Nice piece by Draft Express about the best college venues for NBA scouts. Kentucky, of course, is prominent, but I think you may be surprised at some of the "worst" places.

  • Is Julius Randle becoming the leader of this Kentucky team? I think a case can be made, but the problem is that what we saw in the Arkansas game is the first we've seen of Randle as a leader. It could be a good portent, or just a flash in the pan. I'm not willing to buy in just yet, but he seems to be a guy who could do the job.

  • Consider:

    But those freshmen did something else at Bud Walton Arena, as hostile an environment is there is in the SEC, where the Razorbacks have now won 24 of 25 games: the young Cats clawed their way back into the game — over and over. One fewer turnover or two more made free throws or a slightly longer carom on that final play and Kentucky might’ve been celebrating an impressive road victory.

    This is definitely a positive, but only if it leads to winning these types of games. There is something to be said for having been in a tough game where you have to come back to win, but that is only meaningful if you do it, not just start it. See my horse racing analogy earlier this week.

  • Wildcats must limit Tennessee's production around the rim. That goes without saying, and they have two big guys who can score down there.

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