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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Arkansas Razorbacks Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. The Wildcats face the Arkansas Razorbacks tonight at 9:00 in Fayetteville. UK women's track ranked #6 nationally. Former UK head coach Joker Phillips considered for Texas offensive coordinator. More.

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Tonight, the Wildcats take on Arkansas in what is a huge game for them, and a very important game for Kentucky. If the Wildcats want to make a statement that they are becoming what we thought we'd see pre-season, now would be the night to do it. The Razorbacks are coming for their souls, and if they back down in the least, they'll get them.

Tweets of the Morning:

Absolutely true, and Kentucky had better be hungrier than the Razorbacks are tonight.

Prosecutors want 27 months.

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