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Kentucky Wildcats Caption Corner Time

I promised we would, I just didn't promise I'd be timely.

Andy Lyons

It's once again Caption Corner time, ladies and gents.

The last post was in December, and things were slow. The photo didn't garner a lot of comments or rec'ds (only 11) but we will still award a blue ribbon to the winner.  You know it is #286 blue, of course.

This post's blue ribbon award with 5 rec'ds goes to,

Urban says "I couldn't handle the pressure in the SEC and I can't handle the pressure in the B1G what do I do?"

Mark says "Well Urban, if you want an easy Hostess Cupcake schedule then go coach at a school in Louisville’s AAC conference"

The white ribbon award with 3 rec'ds goes to,

Urban: "Hey Mark, I've got these guys on track for a national championship"

Mark: "That’s hilarious"

by Hutton

Good job! Thanks to everyone that participated.

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥

Let's move on to this photo.  I think I could look at the available photos of Coach Cal for hours because he is very animate.  Maybe that is why I don't write these posts very often,  I spend all my time searching for photos and never get around to posting one.

When I studied the photo one thing that I noticed was that no one is watching Cal.  It just goes to show how normal this behavior is for our Coach.  I happen to love watching him on the sidelines, but I am a people-watcher by nature. 

Anyway, here we go.  Can you describe what he is saying? Remember to have fun with it.

Once again, if anyone is new to the Caption Corner, you simply select your favorite caption by recommending (clicking on the rec ✫) directly under the comment of your choice.