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Kentucky Wildcats Saturday Quickies: James Franklin Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky plays Vanderbilt today at 3:30 in Nashville. Gym Cats win their first meet. Vanderbilt's James Franklin is hired by Penn St. as their head football coach. More.

"I'm outa here!"
"I'm outa here!"

The big news of this morning is Penn State's hiring of James Franklin away from Vanderbilt. So the Commodores are likely to be a little sore when we play them today.  Great hire by the Nittany Lions.  If Stoops is successful here, we could have the same experience in a few seasons.

Tweet of the Morning:

I agree.

Your Quickies:

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College football
  • James Franklin announced as head coach of Penn St. Contra some naysayers worried about the rape scandal at Vanderbilt, I think this was a fine hire by PSU. Franklin is an excellent young coach, and even though some bad things happened under his watch, nobody should know better than Kentucky fans that coaches cannot monitor everything their players do.

  • Will Leitch (of Deadspin fame) writing for Sports on Earth has a few choice words about Bobby Petrino. Here's a taste:

    Even in a world full of people who are only out for themselves, mercenaries who talk about unity and commitment and then cut bait at the first opportunity, Bobby Petrino is of particular regard. There was the time he took countless interviews for other jobs while at Louisville -- even jobs that were occupied -- and lied about it to anyone who asked. There was the time he gave a big emotional speech to the Atlanta Falcons about commitment, about competition and loyalty, telling them that anyone who couldn't hack it shouldn't even show up on Monday … and then he himself didn't show up on Monday. (Petrino's abandonment led to Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer giving one of the great sports quotes of all time: "He's a gutless bastard. Quote that. I don't give a s---. … How about this, gutless MF. You can use that.") And there is of course the most infamous Petrino incident, his motorcycle crash at Arkansas, involving a staff member with whom he admitted having an "inappropriate relationship." It is one thing to have an affair; it is another to put someone on the university payroll for it, and then lie about it to everyone in earshot.

    It gets better. Read the whole thing. Hat tip: Hank.

  • More Petrino follies. It seems he's having a bit of trouble locating a defensive coordinator. Via Hank.

  • Where can you find Bobby Petrino, Tom Jurich, Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban all in blasted together and tied up into a neat little package? Why, here, at Coaches Hot Seat, of course. Via Hank.

  • Alabama does hire Lane Kiffin as OC. I think we should take bets on which hire blows up first, Petrino or Kiffin.

College basketball
  • Creighton's Doug McDermott's shoulder injury appears to be minor. That's great news for college basketball.
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