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2014 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament

Forget last Saturday - let's remember the joy!

Last Saturday's buzzsaw match against Baylor may have quashed our hopes of seeing UK Hoops FINALLY reach the Final Four, but it was still a terrific season of great basketball. Let's take a moment to celebrate the 2014 Wildcat squad!

Cats vs. Bears - Can UK make magic happen twice?

Is it me, or have our basketball teams been given just a BEASTLY road to the FInals? Granted UK Hoops got to start their journey in the friendly confines of Memorial, but their next step is Baylor. (!!!) This is THE ROAD TO NASHVILLE, PART III!

Can the Cats keep on dancing in South Bend?

Let's talk Cats vs. Bears. Generally not an ideal match-up when acted out in nature, but this plucky squad did it on a snowy night in Dallas. Can they do it again in South Bend?

CATS vs. 'CUSE. The Road to Music City, Part D'eux

Fresh off their dominant victory over Wright State, UK Hoops takes on the Big Orange - no, the other one - Monday night in Memorial

Syracuse vs. UK Hoops: Get to know the Orange

Tonight the Kentucky women take on Syracuse, and today SB Nation's Kentucky and Syracuse blogs swap questions and answers.

UK Hoops: two teams enter, one team leaves.

And so it begins: Today UK Hoops begins the first step in their season long quest to be the final team standing in Nashville on April 8th. Let's talk about the challenge in front of us, and how we'll make it to the next part of the journey.

The Road to Nashville kicks off in Lexington

UK Hoops, fresh off a strong SEC Tournament performance, are rewarded with a third seed and the opportunity to host the first two rounds at Memorial. Let's examine the Cats' roadmap to Nashville.