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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Rivalry Week Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky defeats Louisville in women's soccer for the third straight time. UK defeats Miami (OH) and prepares for Louisville. Orlando Antigua and the Dominican Republic make FIBA World Championship. More.

Coachin' 'em up!
Coachin' 'em up!
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It's nice to be back home again after a fun weekend. Thanks to Greg, Ken, James and Hank for keeping the blog alive while I was away. Sorry about the problem with the game thread, I have not figured out what went wrong with that.

While I was on the course, I was keeping up with the game. My iPhone was going off over and over, and I knew that things were going well. Yes, I know Kentucky was supposed to win this game, but they were supposed to win the last one as well. Still, great first win for Stoops & Co., and that makes starting the week great.

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Kentucky basketball
  • Lots of big-name recruits turning out today for the UK Alumni Charity Game. Lots of big money to be raised for charity, too.

  • Tyus Jones and Tyler Ulis not likely to share the same backcourt. Yeah, it's a little different when you're talking two little guys. It's not like Eric Bledsoe and John Wall, where both were big enough to play the off guard.

  • UK has three 2014 prospects coming in for tonight's game, as well as a trio from 2015.

  • Rick Pitino says he never had a bad day at Kentucky. Well, let's see — the game you got tossed at Vanderbilt was a pretty bad day. How 'bout that 150-95 rout at the hands of Roy Williams and Kansas back in 1990. That had to suck at least a little. I sure did suck for me.

    Oh, and how about the time that SEC assistant commissioner Brad Davis mocked Kentucky while on probation, saying UK could win the SEC "only in their minds?" I believe you referred to Davis as a "fool." That couldn't have been a great day. Wasn't for me, anyway.

    We won't even mention the 1992 game vs. Duke, but honestly, there was an awful lot to be proud of in that game even in defeat, so I could easily see how that would not count as a downer.

  • This is just funny. [Via [Sam Henson](]

Other Kentucky sports
  • In case you missed it, women's soccer took Louisville down for the third straight time in a 2-0 shutout. Then, they went on to defeat Dayton 3-1 the next day to move to 4-1-1 on the season. They've won four games in a row.
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  • The score was lopsided, but the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers did manage to gain almost 400 yards on the Tennessee Volunteers. Five turnovers created the 52-20 score.
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