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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Richie Farmer Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Six 2014 UK recruits make Parade Magazine watch list. Former UK player Richie Farmer reaches plea agreement on alleged wrongdoing. More.

Thanks, I'll pass.
Thanks, I'll pass.
Jonny Hunter

Former Wildcat heartrhrob Richie Farmer has reportedly reached a deal with federal prosecutors on charges of misusing federal money. He could face 2 years in the big house, but most likely will not. I'd bet he'll spend six months in a halfway house and 2 years probation. But you never know.

Tweet of the Morning:

Exactly right. Very disappointed in Farmer, and his actions. It casts a bad light on his former school, as well as him. Pro tip — want to go into politics? Don't.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • I join the fellows over at Rocky Top Talk for their pre-Western podcast.

  • Terry Brown at WBN wants to see your papers, Big Blue Nation. This is a little more of the "true fan" stuff than I'd like, but I think this is right:

    Conversely, there are the fans that are so pessimistic, every loss means the team is doomed, the coaches can’t coach and the players should have their scholarships revoked. Stoops first game? He’s a bum and UK Football will NEVER be a success. A down year in basketball? Coach Cal can’t recruit and we need to be worried. Both dramatic points of view only emphasize the lack of knowledge that the speaker (or tweeter) has regarding the way things work. Real, and realistic, fans understand that the football job is tough and that, no matter how we wish otherwise, the Men’s Basketball team simply cannot win every game, every year.

    I have seen a few of those fans comment on here (they usually don't last long, because they can't resist flouting the rules), so I know what he's talking about.

  • The Bowling Green News wishes both UK and WKU good luck. How nice.

  • Avery Williamson on the Western game:

    "I felt like we were prepared and that everybody knew what to do. But when we got in that atmosphere (at the stadium) and when things didn’t go our way, we weren’t thinking too clear sometimes. That surprised me."

    Me too, Avery.

  • Blake McClain, football player.

  • Bobby Petrino fired a WKU athletics trainer with whom he disagreed over medical decisions:

    In the [Chronicle of Higer Education's] story, [former WKU associate athletic trainer Danny] Cobble said Petrino questioned his medical abilities, was impatient with return-to-play times and pushed back on physicians’ decisions. It cited an incident when Cobble said a doctor ordered surgery for an unidentified player. When Cobble told Petrino, Cobble said the coach suggested treating the injury with cortisone. The player got a second opinion and had the surgery.

    As I have said before, and will no doubt say again, I loathe Bobby Petrino with every fiber of my everlasting soul. [Via Hank]

  • Six UK recruits from 2014 make the Parade Magazine watch list, said nobody about UK football, ever. Until now.

  • Bud Dupree will move to linebacker in the 3-4 set. That makes sense. I still like him at DE in the 4 down.

  • More evidence that my fretting over losing recruits after the WKU loss was unfounded. I hope this continues, I like being wrong about this.

Kentucky basketball
  • Andy Glockner of SI writes that Julius Randle is the UK player to watch this year. Indeed he is.

    Glockner also thinks Florida will be a serious challenger for Kentucky, and is the only one out there in the SEC. I don't think that's right. I think Tennessee is actually a very dangerous and worthy foe, and since Chris Walker is not likely to play unless it is after December, I think the Vols might actually have the edge on the Gators.

    Finally, he takes on the 40-0 pap, which is just that. The odds of UK going 40-0 are so long as to be reasonably considered impossible. If it happens, that's great, but if I were you, I'd forget about it.

  • You've probably already seen this, but just in case ...

    John Wall was Andrew Harrison's favorite player. The legend of John Wall lives on in a way that we weren't used to during the Tubby Smith years.

    And it's also interesting that they say they never had a doubt about where they wanted to go. Aaron said his dad used to paraphrase the "If a man is called to be a street sweeper ... " quote from one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches.

Other Kentucky sports
Links posts
College football
College basketball
  • Rick Pitino gets inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame this weekend. Here are four posts at ESPN worth reading. Yes, I know he is currently the enemy, but one of those banners hanging high in Rupp was one of his.

    • Pitino's coaching tree - very impressive. I didn't realize Jeff Van Gundy was in there.
    • Pitino's top ten players - Eamonn Brennan. I like this list. It only has 2 Louisville guys on it, and they're in the right places, mostly.
    • Pitino's top ten players - Myron Metcalf. Okay, Delk over Mash? No way. Reece Gaines over Antoine Walker? Nah. Siva over Derek Anderson and Walter McCarty? No freaking way. Typical Metcalf. He's a UK hater, and no mistake.
    • Pitino's defining moments. I like this. I think it's mostly right. I'd quibble with the tatto, but honestly, the argument for it is not completely unconvincing — it was big news.
  • North Carolina's independent panel recommends a bunch of stuff. I always hate these "blue-ribbon commission" type deals — it's a transparent attempt to show the world you are serious, and more often than not, it's intended to cover up your actual lack of commitment.

  • LSU will be very interesting to watch this year. They could be a dark-horse contender for an NCAA bid.

  • Just ... please.

  • Rush The Court — Morning Five

Other sports news
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