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Kentucky Wildcats Evening Quickies: Labor Day Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Mark Stoops meets the press, talks about the loss to Western in depth. Maxwell Smith is the new starting QB. DeAndre Liggins released from jail. More.

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I hope everyone had a happy Labor Day. It was a busy one for me, as I spent most of the morning updating my operating system and most of the afternoon on the "honeydo" list. Now it's time for grilled, barbecue chicken.  Mmmm.

Tweet of the Day:

Well, I certainly like the sound of this.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Willie Cauley-Stein is ready to lead Kentucky;

    [Cauley-Stein] returns [to Kentucky], eager to delve into his studio art major and lead a team that includes six incoming McDonald's All-Americans into the forest of towering expectations. Credentials aside, Cauley-Stein has been impressed by the focus newcomers have shown in summer workouts. "You can tell they're on a mission," he says. "Especially after watching us last year, they know this is a business. We're not here to mess around."

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College football
College basketball
  • Rick Pitino prepares for induction into the Hall of Fame. I think having Hubie Brown introduce him is a great move. Dick Vitale less so, but Dickie V. is a good guy, just a touch too ebullient for me
Other sports news
  • Phonenix continues to be impressed with Archie Goodwin, and now the Bright Side of the Sun wonders if he is ready for prime time. Consider:

    Archie was still learning to play the game at the college level last season, so Suns' fans may do well to temper their expectations for him this year. Goodwin will have to make a huge adjustment to the fast pace and level of talent in the NBA, and for a 19 year old kid who is still so young in not only his age, but in his development as a basketball player, it may be unrealistic to expect much more than the minimum while treating anything else as just a bonus at this point.

  • DeAndre Liggins is out of jail on bail. [via Aaron's blog]

  • Is the NBA Development League coming to a TV near you? Ridiculous Upside examines the question.