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Louisville 27, Kentucky 13: Post Game Thread

Kentucky loses this game mostly on the strength of turnovers and dropped passes.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

First things first: Congratulations to the Louisville Cardinals on their third straight victory against the Kentucky Wildcats. They were clearly the better team on this occasion, but I like our chances of turning the fortunes of this series around next season. But for this season, kudos to the Cards for a well-earned victory.

Kentucky turned the ball over and dropped passes. I think we all know that's where things went wrong. It didn't help that Maxwell Smith got hurt, but he was always likely to get hurt due to a shoulder that never will properly heal. He played reasonably well, but I thought he threw the ball waywardly too many times.

Jalen Whitlow played a strong game in relief, doing mostly good things, along with a few bad ones, like dropping my damn football. Still, he was a net positive even with two fumbles, one of which UK lost, and surrendered 3 points on.

Quick observations:

  • Jojo Kemp was awesome. He needs more carries.

  • Special teams was outstanding today, very similar to WKU. Bradley Dale Paveto, you da man.

  • The defense got tired, but they played well in the first half. Credit Louisville for adjusting, and Louisville's defense for holding Kentucky to very few first downs.

  • Javess Blue had a good game both returning and catching the football. The negatives were like 3 dropped balls.

  • Ryan Timmons continues to get better.

  • Loved the D-line play in the first half, but they really struggled with Rumph out of the game.

Overall, we lost a game we were supposed to lose. I think maybe we are a bit better than most people think, and I think Louisville is a bit worse, I'm going to say that they don't deserve a top ten ranking but do deserve top 15. But they are 3-0, so there's that.

Let's hear your take on the game. We'll have a full postmortem later. For stats guys, here's the box score.