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Louisville 10, Kentucky 3: Second Half Live Game Thread

Kentucky's defense played an extraordinary half of football, but the UK offense sputtered, dropped, and turned the ball over.


If you had told me that we'd hold Louisville to 10 points in the first half, I would not have believed you. Conversely, if you'd told me that Louisville had held Kentucky to three, I would have believed you but been pretty surprised.

So far, this has been a game of contrasts — the high-powered Louisville offense struggling against a Kentucky defense that looked overmatched against a Sun Belt team in week 1. Now, they are standing up to one of the best offenses in FBS football, and standing tall.

The trouble is, the offense is so inept, it is killing the defense. There is no way that UK can continue to allow Louisville so many plays while running so few themselves. Teddy Bridgewater may not have looked much like a Heisman Trophy front-runner in the first half, but he is and deserves to be.

Still, this is the kind of half that UK fans can be proud of. We may lose this game, even convincingly, but either the Louisville offense is vastly overrated, or the Kentucky defense has significantly improved over the last three weeks to the extent that UK could be much more dangerous as an opponent than most of us believed possible.

Let's not forget that we are still in this football game. If UK can put some points up in the second half and sustain some drives, this game could be up for grabs.

Go, 'Cats!