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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Governor's Cup Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky and Louisville face off tomorrow in the Governor's cup. Tyler Ulis to decide to day among Kentucky and others. More.


This is the last of the quickies before game day. Tomorrow, we'll have the tailgate, as usual, and the game threads. This time, I guarantee the game thread will be up on time.

Tweet of the Morning:

This is re: the SI Oklahoma St. article. So we have guys who were kicked off the team for drugs or grades alleging improprieties. Hmmm, do I detect a tiny whiff of cheese? As I said, McJournalism.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Just like Hank predicted earlier, UK is still in the hunt for Marcelys Jones. Via Hank

  • Another reason why we've had a coaching change. [Hank]

  • How this game tomorrow will affect recruiting...not much. [Hank]

    "In covering recruiting for 11 years, who wins and loses an individual game — I can't think of a single time where it's really factored into a kid's decision," analyst Josh Helmholdt told the Herald-Leader. "What these guys are looking at is not how the team is today, it's how it's going to be for the next four or five years while they're at the school."

    The more I read this, the better I feel.

  • I can't figure out if this is pro-Kentucky hyperbole or an honest assessment. I think I'll pick door number two.

  • What to look for tomorrow.

  • Contra an earlier piece I linked, Jen Smith says that this game does have recruiting implications. I'm so confused ...

  • Kentucky plans to "pester" Teddy Bridgewater. How can I say this delicately ... well, I really can't. If they don't "pester" him quite a lot, Kentucky will lose huge. Huge. You give Bridgewater all day to survey the field, and you'll need a Cray supercomputer to count the score.

  • Card Chronicle breaks down Kentucky, and does a pretty nice job of it, too.

  • Tom Leach previews the UK-U of L game.

  • Hope, or just hand-wringing?

    The relatively modest spread for Saturday's game seems to indicate that Vegas isn't buying the U of L hype, which is just a tad unsettling.

    I'm going to admit something to y'all: This game terrifies me.

    I tweeted about the opening line early Sunday morning, Louisville -7.5, and by the time I landed back in Nashville, Tenn., the line had moved all the way to Louisville -13.5.

    Ninety-five percent of all the money is on Louisville, and we've finally settled at two touchdowns.

    Why is this line hanging here?

    Because Vegas believes that the Louisville story is a bit of a myth. First, Outkick told you that Louisville's schedule is so weak that 26 different teams would be favored in every game. Second, look at Louisville's 2012 schedule. Yes, they put a whipping on Florida, which really launched Louisville as a "top 10 team" story. But the Cardinals beat only two teams by more than 10 points last year. (Granted, one of those teams was Kentucky). They also lost to really bad/mediocre Syracuse and UConn teams.

    So, drum roll . . . I'm taking Kentucky plus two touchdowns.

    I believe that Louisville's dominance is a bit of a myth.

    And if I'm wrong on this, you guys can call me a complete and total idiot. (Which happens every day anyway on Twitter, but still, I'll deserve it for not picking Louisville to destroy a bad Kentucky team.)

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  • Bruins Nation is ripping Steve Alford here and here. If this is indicative of the Bruins fan base overall, Alford has a huge hole to dig himself out of.
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