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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: 9/11 Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Both Charlie Strong and Mark Stoops embrace the intensity of the rivalry game. UK basketball #1 in The Sporting News. UK volleyball beats U of L. More.

Bob Levey

Once again, we reach the anniversary of 9/11/2001, a day which has, and will continue to live in infamy, a day in which a small number of determined, fanatical enemies destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent Americans and their families.

Unlike Pearl Harbor when the world was aflame with war, that September day saw a relatively peaceful sunrise, but before the sun went down, our lives were forever changed. Let us never forget those who were lost in the attack, and those who were lost in it's aftermath. Let us remember the bravery of the first responders, so many of whom perished in the line of duty.

9/11 was a dark day in American history. Let's remember what was lost, and never fail to honor the fallen. Let us always remember the wolf that was revealed at our doorstep that day, and the rough men and fearless women who protect us from its ravages.

Tweet of the Morning:

I don't know what the heck this is supposed to mean, but it was kind of funny for some reason. I just don't know why.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • The coaching staff is not treating the Louisville game like just another game. Good, it's about freaking time. I grew so tired of coaches trying to downplay the rivalry. It's about time somebody dropped the silly pretense and embraced it for what it is.

    No, this game doesn't really count more than any other in the large scheme of things, but the fans all know that's just a dodge. It does mean more. Embrace the hate.

    I also like Stoops' recognition that perhaps the team was too tightly wound against Western. I think, in retrospect, that's likely. Nobody could come into this game relaxed, but some perspective is definitely desirable.

  • Stoops is having none of the quarterback comparison game.

  • Ira Combs:

    Simply put UK is in the proverbial Cat Birds seat , they have everything to gain and nothing to lose while Louisville must hit on all cylinders just about every series come Saturday.

    Interesting, and true. Kentucky can possibly ruin Louisville's season even if they don't lose the game, simply by playing them very close. If UK's season then goes down it's currently projected path of no more than 3 or 4 wins, that would really hurt the Cardinals chances for any hope at a BCS championship invitation, even in the best-case scenario.

  • Cornerback Cody Quinn has returned to practice. That's great news.

  • Mark Stoops rated practice yesterday as only average.

  • Jason Hatcher faces former Trinity teammate James Quick on Saturday:

    "I probably won’t talk to him this week," said Hatcher, who was recruited by Louisville just like Quick was recruited by Kentucky. "I might give him a good luck text (message). We do talk when I get home. We might meet up or something. It’s going to be a good game, but I don’t think we will be talking until after the game."

  • Charlie Strong talks about Kentucky.

    This is a major test. "All games are big games, but let's face it, some games are bigger than others. Some carry a little more significance than others, and this is one of those games."

    Again, I'll say it. I like that these two coaches recognize that this isn't just another game, and aren't saying that. I kind of wish Coach Cal would embrace that thinking instead of trying to avoid it.

  • Thank you, Captain Obvious.

  • Both Stoops and Strong think the UK/UL game is important to recruiting. It is, but apparently more so in Kentucky than anywhere else, at least to my thinking.

Kentucky basketball
  • The Kentucky Wildcats come in at #1 in The Sporting News' poll. As they should. Louisville ranked at 3 is primarily due to last year's team. I think they should be about 5.

    UCLA at 15? Interesting. They have enough talent to be there, but they sure haven't done much with it. We'll have to see if Steve Alford can change all that.

    Also, finding Tennessee at #19 is a surprise to me, but I think they deserve to be there. 3 SEC teams in the Top 25? Been a while.

    Hat tip: Fansided

  • Jahlil Okafor's visit was a good one, it seems. Here's a quote from his dad:

    The elder Okafor said he didn’t know whether or not his son was impressed by the collection of NBA talent Calipari assembled for the alumni game, "but it’s good to know that they enjoyed their stay at Kentucky enough to want to come back. That says a lot."

  • Tyler Ulis was also impressed by his visit, and may decide this week on the school he will attend.

  • Kentucky is 4-1 to win the national title, according to Las Vegas. Louisville, Florida, and Arizona are tied for 4th at 12-1, while Michigan St., Kansas, and Duke are tied for second at 10-1.

  • Karl Towns Jr. and the Dominican Republic lost Tuesday night in the FIBA Americas semifinals. They will play Argentina for the bronze tonight.

  • Predictions for three of the big visiting recruits UK had on Monday night.

Other Kentucky sports
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College football
College basketball
Other sports news
  • ESPN's Jason Whitlock on Sports Illustrated's Thayer Evans:

    But then in addition to that, having worked with Thayer Evans at Fox Sports, having followed his work for some time, I am completely and utterly flabbergasted that a legitimate news outlet would allow Thayer Evans to be involved in some type of investigative piece on college football that tears down a program, and particularly one that tears down Oklahoma State when it is no secret what a huge, enormous, gigantic Oklahoma homer Thayer Evans is. This is just incredible. Knowing the lack of competence that’s there with Thayer Evans, knowing the level of simplemindedness that’s there with Thayer Evans, to base any part of the story on his reporting is mind-boggling.

    Ouch. I pretty much detest both of them, but Evans particularly. So I guess "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," or some such.

    I do think Whitlock's right, and Evans is a hack and always has been. In 2012 he predicted Calipari would choke away the NCAA tournament, among other nonsense. He deserves a Shakespearean insult:

    Would the fountain of your mind were clear again, that I might water an ass at it. - from Troilus and Cressiida