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Kentucky Basketball: Nerlens Noel on ESPN's First Take

Nerlens Noel talks about his injury, rehab, and motivation to ESPN.

Nerlens Noel was grilled today by ESPN's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless today on ESPN First Take. Noel sticks pretty much by his talking points:

  • Using his draft position as motivation;
  • Taking his time with the injury, not rushing it;
  • Knee is stronger than before the injury;
  • Great work ethic;
  • Wanting to have a long and productive career, etc.

This is what we would probably expect from a young guy not used to being in such a public position, especially since he has been out of the public eye and mind, with the exception of the draft, since he went down with that nasty knee injury last year. (I wonder if I could have added a few more commas and made that sentence truly epic?)

He seems to be happy with Philadelphia, but he seems to understand the urgency of his position, i.e., Philadelphia really needs him to be available.

As a final note, he definitely needs to work on composing a sentence without the word "definitely" in it. Take it from a guy who definitely tends to over-use words and definitely needs to work on it. Definitely.

Over and out.