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Kentucky Wildcats Sunday Brunch: Football Reporting Day Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Brandon Knight traded from Detroit to Milwaukee. Nerlens Noel teaches Gangnam style. Football is starting up in the SEC, and fan excitement is palpable. More.

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Today is reporting day for the Kentucky Wildcats football team.

Tweet of the Morning:

Yes! Let's go, Coach.

Your Quickies:

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  • Terrence Jones' attorney is defending him, but even if the attorney's version of events is true and Jones is innocent of the harassment charge, he's guilty of bad behavior. There's no way to put lipstick on this pig.

    But I absolutely agree with Larry Vaught that this would be out of character for Jones to behave viscously. Unfortunately, it's hard to undo a police officer's eyewitness testimony, and the fact that the man he allegedly harassed wanted to press charges for the incident, which as Wheatgerm told us, is a requirement for the charge.

    What seems clear to me is that Jones misbehaved. Let's let the legal system decide if he is guilty of harassment. No matter what, Jones will learn a very valuable lesson, and I hope it serves him well. We all do stupid things sometimes, and as dumb mistakes go, this is relatively minor, if painfully interesting to the media.

  • Karl Towns gets a midnight surprise from Orlando Antigua.

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  • Charlie Strong's "five core values" and Michael Dyer. Well, this is exactly what many have been saying on the radio here in Louisville, as well as the Louisville papers. The Cardinals are just going to have to put up with it.
  • Nick Saban has a harsh message for his team:

    The moment came late. The session, near the end of a long day – the first of many long days – was almost over. The speaker had raced through a presentation entitled "Avoiding Distractions and Dangerous Decisions," illustrated with photos and videos, accompanied by music and even a dance-off.

    But then came something no one expected. On the big screen at the front of the theater-style meeting room at the University of Alabama, a young man in an orange jumpsuit stood in court and listened to a judge's sentence, then slumped to the ground. In the next clip, he was on his feet again, but obviously distressed. As he looked back over his shoulder, the video froze.

  • Jadeveon Clowney is a badass. That's a fact, and it is undisputed.

  • Clowney's notoriety is annoying Clemson and Notre Dame. Do you want some cheese with that whine, guys?
  • Things are heating up in Texas. It's hot enough there, already.
  • Greg Oden to play with LeBron in Miami.
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