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Kentucky Basketball : Name That Venue

According to reports, we will definitely find out the possibilities on Monday. Let's play a little game till then.

Andy Lyons

I read an article yesterday that said two companies met the Friday deadline to bid for naming rights for the center adjacent to the new Kentucky Wildcats basketball venue.

Did you see what I said there? "Naming right for the center adjacent to" Rupp Arena. At least that is what we have been told. You know it's true, because we read it on the internet, right?

Now that we have that detail laid out let's play a little naming game. There reportedly have been a couple of "leaks" as to the names of the two companies, but I would like to hear the opinions from everyone here.

One name I will throw out there is Alltech, which is the name I am hearing the most, but many fans are calling for the Lexington company, Big Ass Fans to win. I doubt that they are in the mix, but many think it is hilarious. I have to admit, every time I drive down Winchester Rd. and see it on the side of the building, I laugh a little at the name.

We have to be certain that the committee will think long and hard about the awarding of the naming rights and not give the center a name like the 'Bucket Center' has come to be known. Please no! It could be as simple as The Lexington Alltech Center for example, which I kinda like because it is already has familiar ring. Don't get me wrong, I can accept change as long as it doesn't cause our fans to wear buckets on their heads.

Let me stress, I am hearing this ...

"We want to clarify the naming rights are for the convention center only and not the arena."

Long live the House that Rupp built. What are your thoughts for a name for the center adjacent to Rupp Arena?