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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Relax BBN, the Harrison Twins are Here

Finally, after months of false rumors and speculation, Andrew and Aaron Harrison have arrived in Lexington and are ready to help in the quest for National Championship Number Nine.


It's time to exhale. According to the Facebook account of KSTV the Harrison Twins have arrived in Lexington and are ready to ball out for the 2013/2014 season.  Andrew and Aaron are on previously mentioned social media page in a picture with three female Wildcat fans that was taken sometime on Saturday.

This is big news for a couple of reasons: 1). Coach John Calipari has his 6'5, 205 pound point guard and his 6'5, 210 pound shooting guard ready to get to work. 2.) The rumors that the Twins would be ineligible and would not make it to campus can finally be put to rest. These untruths became rampant as the offseason continued. They were mostly fueled by UofL blogs and message boards due to fear of the Twin Power Tandem overpowering the much smaller guards on Louisville's roster.

Andrew is the number one point guard in the class and Aaron is the number one shooting guard. Both players bring with them a ton of basketball accolades from being McDonald's All Americans, to Texas state champions, and participants in the best high school all-star games in the country.

Hopefully they aren't too far behind their teammates, most of who have already been practicing and playing together since June.

I'm sure there will be a James Young sighting soon enough.

Enjoy the highlights people. It's officially on.