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Kentucky Basketball: 2014 Top Point Guard Emmanuel Mudiay Chooses Tomorrow

John Calipari's top point guard target for 2014, Emmanual Mudiay, will pick between Kentucky, SMU, and Baylor tomorrow.

Will Emmanuel Mudiay leave Kentucky at the altar, like Shabazz Muhammed (above) did?
Will Emmanuel Mudiay leave Kentucky at the altar, like Shabazz Muhammed (above) did?
Ronald Martinez

Word has come down from on high (Twitter, of course) that 2014 #1 point guard Emmanuel Mudiay will be making his college choice tomorrow at the Under Armor Elite 24. This is definitely big news, because Mudiay is John Calipari's #1 target a point guard. The buzz on Mudiay has been that he's Kentucky's to lose for some time now.

However, there is a fly in the ointment. A week or so ago, Mudiay tweeted that he was going to "shock the world:"

The reckoning by the experts is that maybe Mudiay will pick Southern Methodist (where the legendary Larry Brown coaches, in case you've forgotten) over Kentucky. Here's Evan Daniels' reasoning:

He has a point there, but applying logic to what these young men do is a position fraught with peril. If it was a done deal to Kentucky, nobody except Wildcat fans would be watching the Elite 24 tomorrow with any particular interest. He could just be raising interest in the event, or, he could very much be headed to SMU or even Baylor.

In the end, if Calipari loses a Texas recruit to a legendary coach (if not program) in Texas, well, that's just the way these things sometimes go. You can't win them all, even if you are John Freaking Calipari. Sometimes, you just lose players. A perfect example would be Shabazz Muhammad. Calipari didn't let him go, he just picked UCLA over UK, pure and simple, and geography had its part to play if you believe the postmortems.  Similar situation with Andrew Wiggins, although it's doubtful geography had anything to do with that one -- more likely a surfeit of talent at UK.

So keep your hopes up, but don't be freaked out if Mudiay does "shock the world." It does happen, has happened, and will happen again. Recruiting is not an exact science.