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Kentucky Football: Friday Practice Quick-hitters From The Twitter

There's a whole lotta tweetin' goin' on out there. Here's some quick practice and football news updates from beat reporters around UK football.

USA Today Sports

Here are a few quick hitters from football practice this morning in the form of Twitter tweets:

That's awesome. He's earned it.

That's very un-awesome. Cunningham was extremely impressive in the spring game with eight catches to lead everyone. He is big target that we are going to desperately miss. Ouch.

I sure hope our special teams outperforms last year.

This should comfort Wild Weasel.

Not much of a surprise.

Good to see the depth chart starting to form.

Well, Stoops is happy. He's been happy a lot. Is it time to get excited?

My mind's eye can see Wild Weasel dancing a jig in the Panama heat. I think I'll join him ...

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