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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Johnny Football Snub Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Defensive end Za'Darius Smith is good to go for Western. Johnny Manziel snubbed for first team All-SEC QB. Funeral services announced for De'Antre Turman. More.

SEC coaches say Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel is the second-best SEC quarterback.
SEC coaches say Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel is the second-best SEC quarterback.
Mike Stobe

Johnny Manziel got snubbed yesterday by the SEC coaches in favor of Georgia's Aaron Murray for first string All-SEC quarterback. The interesting thing is, it has nothing at all to do with who is actually better at the position in college.

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  • Calipari was ranked 16th as an X's And O's coach. Eric Crawford strongly disagrees with that assessment (and so do I), and makes a compelling argument. Here's a taste:

    To a degree, Calipari has been a victim of his recruiting success in this discussion, and of his own unwillingness to make the game more complicated than it really is.

    Just because you have great players doesn't mean you roll the ball out there and win games. Some games you might, but most games you can't.

    Calipari has added a level of difficulty with the roster turnaround he faces every season. You have a short preseason, maybe some summer work, and then you have to start the team playing together. You experiment as you go. It's trial and error, much of the time. And not just with the X-and-O stuff, but with team chemistry. It all has to be built on the fly.

    Read the whole thing. Corey Nichols at KSR has related thoughts here.

  • 2015 shooting guard Luke Kennard visited Kentucky for the second time last Saturday since getting an offer from Coach Cal. I love our chances to land him.

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  • Johnny Football is only a second-teamer when it comes to All-SEC. I have to tell you, this is simply a risible vote, unless they think Aaron Murray is actually good enough to beat Manziel out in the Heisman race. No matter what, Manziel is a proven commodity, and so is Murray. There is no question who's better at college football, and it isn't Murray, as good as he is.

    CBS' Jeremy Fowler agrees with me, sort of:

    To be clear: Georgia's Aaron Murray, who beat out Manziel for first team, is better than Jevan Snead. So is Alabama's A.J. McCarron, who would be a first-teamer by an overwhelming vote in leaner quarterback years.

    But let's not act like the Murray vote was all about football, that Manziel's offseason travails and his growing look-at-me reputation in light of the NCAA investigation didn't affect voting.

  • Funeral services have been announced for UK recruit De'Antre Turman, who perished in a tragic football accident. May God comfort his loved ones.

  • Garnet and Black Attack looks at Jadeveon Clowney's chances to win the Heisman now that Johnny Manziel has fallen into disfavor. Very informative.

  • SEC at a glance. Absolutely nothing about Kentucky

  • I have to admit, I love this. We need to make something like this about Bud Dupree or Za'Darius Smith for next season:

  • Kentucky isn't the only SEC team having serious wide receiver issues.

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