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Kentucky Football: Wildcats Disappoint Coach Mark Stoops Today

Today's practice, unlike the vast majority of the practices up until now, was ... not great.

The 'Cats got a taste of this Mark Stoops today.
The 'Cats got a taste of this Mark Stoops today.
Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

Up until now, with the exception of Fan Day, we have heard nothing but good things about the UK practices and how they were going. That changed today. Mark Stoops was noticeably and significantly disappointed in the practice. Here's a taste of his comments from Kyle Tucker's blog:

ON IF IT WAS A GOOD WEEK OTHER THAN TODAY: "Yeah. I tell you guys the truth. I tell you when I come off. If I’m happy, I tell you. If I’m disappointed, I tell you. There’s no game, there’s no reason. I don’t have it on my calendar to be mad today. Just disappointed."


ON NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD WASTED PRACTICES: "Yep. We wasted it today. That’s exactly what I told them, we wasted the day. Wasted the morning."


ON IF THIS KIND OF PRACTICE HAPPENED AT FLORIDA STATE: "Unfortunately, yes. When you’re going through this many practices, there’s going to be some that are not as good. But we can’t afford it. We’re not good enough to waste reps and to go out here and go through the motions. And more than anything, it’s just our habits and our attitude that we need to change and we need to get better. And that’s got to come – our coaches do a great job. We’ll motivate when we have to. I’ll motivate when we have to and all that. But you have to have some of that from the team. Some pride about that that comes up through the team that pushes everybody, that gets everybody on the same page, and have some pride about what we do."

I have been waiting for this, and I'll bet you have, too. The word always gets back to the players if the head coach is happy or not, and at whom. Clearly they have been hearing their own press clippings, which have been almost universally positive. Not anymore.

I know that Stoops gets it, and we all get it. We all have bad days at work; I had an unproductive day this week that made the end of the week much harder than it had to be. We all have days like that, and when we do, there are consequences. There will be consequences for this one as well, I'm sure.

The funny thing is, I was just commenting to Ryan Lemond on Tom Leach's program this morning how notably positive the reviews from the coaching staff had been so far. Even as I made that comment, I knew it couldn't last. And it didn't even survive the morning.

I'll have more to say about this tonight on Larry Glover Live, so if you have the time, tune in.

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