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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Death Of A Rivalry Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky will not play Tennessee at home in basketball this season. Freshman WR Alex Montgomery making an impact for UK. More.

We won't be seeing Knoxville at all this year.
We won't be seeing Knoxville at all this year.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The home-home series with Tennessee in basketball sadly ends this year. I must say, that's a very poor decision by the SEC.

Tweet of the Morning:

I agree, Oscar. Basketball is treated as just slightly above intramurals in the SEC.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
Links posts
College football
  • Willie Taggert: LOL

  • Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant thinks NCAA players should be paid. Yawn.

  • Intriguing early nonconference games. I really like Georgia at Clemson. The rest of them don't really interest me all that much.

  • According to other coaches, particularly in the B1G, the SEC is just plain overhyped. Then there's this:

    Here is the part of the SEC story that is not propaganda. It was the only league to win better than 77 percent of its non-league games last season, finishing 13-9 against the five other BCS leagues. Having a record 63 guys taken in the NFL Draft, including a dozen in the first round, also feeds the beast.

    Yeah, it feeds the beast all right. What you're trying to say is that overhyped == jealousy, in this case.

  • SEC two-deep talent on offense. I think we'll be seeing a significant upgrade for UK next year, but this year, it's basement-city, according to Team Speed Kills.

College basketball
  • Rick Pitino offers James Blackmon Jr. I would not be pleased to lose him to Louisville.

  • Florida and Kansas will square off as part of the Big 12-SEC challenge. That should be interesting.

  • Mike Rutherford questions the claims of a "conspiracy of silence" among the Louisville media. I think he's right.

    This "rumor" we've all heard about a particular Louisville basketball player being in some kind of trouble has yet to be confirmed by anyone, and the media are known more for their dog-eat-dog efforts to scoop each other than any conspiracies to silence.

    If I were you, I would be skeptical of any claims from Kentucky fans of special knowledge of the goings-on in Louisville. Just saying. I'm sure we'd apply that logic in reverse, as well. I live here, and I know this media market. A "conspiracy of silence," in the opinion of your humble correspondent, is tinfoil hat material.

Other sports news
  • Ira Combs emailed me the following:

    According to sources close to, Sr. guard Tristen Cunningham has left Henry Clay H.S. and enrolled at Cordia H.S. to play for Rodrick Rhodes in his senior season plus an additional transfer from New York City has arrived in Lotts Creek at little Cordia H.S. who is listed as 6' 6" and 245 lbs. with reports of being a solid college prospect as well .

    Wow, Rod. Looks like you have a few players on your hands, there.

  • Maryland operated their athletic department $21 million in the red last year.

  • Trouble at the worldwide leader. Can allegations of racism be far behind? It's fashionable these days, you know.

Other news

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