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Kentucky Wildcats Afternoon Quickies: Return Of College Sports Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Former UK players now in the NBA enjoy their trip back to the Bluegrass. Western Kentucky motivated by UK. John Wall signs $80 million max deal. More.

Are you ready for some footbaaawww???
Are you ready for some footbaaawww???

Today is the first day of August, which means the summer, from a sports perspective, is pretty much over. From now on it's college football, football, football until we hit September, when basketball looms large.

Tweet of the Day:

I say, "Why not?"

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Randy Smith of the Chattanoogan tries to give props to Kentucky, but fails basic journalism 101 by identifying Mark Stoops as "Mike Stoops, the younger brother of Oklahoma's Bob Stoops." Maybe he should take his editor out for a beer more often.

    I agree with his counsel of patience, but we do have some skill position players. What we lack is depth at any position.

  • A blog I've never heard of breaks down the first part of the Kentucky schedule, and breaks down the first four games. I'd take the results, but I expect the scores to be higher for Kentucky on the wins, and possibly the losses as well. Overall, though, not bad at all.

  • Neal Brown speaks to Larry Vaught about what kind of players Kentucky is looking for.
  • So playing UK motivates Western, according to Bobby Petrino. Well, we're ready for you, Coach Motorcycle.
Kentucky basketball
  • Former Wildcats basketball players enjoy their trip back to the Bluegrass. Some pretty funny smack talk in here.
  • Former UK player Michael Porter sentenced to two years in prison for sex acts with an underage girl. Man, that's a shame, and he's now a sex offender for life. When he left, I really thought he was going to have a great life, but he's really ruined it in a hurry.
Other UK sports
Links posts
College football
College basketball
  • The Louisville Cardinals lose a highly-ranked point guard that committed to them 2 years ago. I wonder if Calipari would get involved to annoy Pitino? Nah, probably not ...

    Card Chronicle reacts here, and here. I had to laugh at this:

    Best of luck, Kid. If you were just hoping to ride Louisville one year and jump to the pros, it’s best you be on your way. If that’s his motivation, wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him pull a Marquis Teague. You know Calipari’s crooked d**k got hard in a New York minute when he heard the news.

  • Andy Katz's Three Point Shot

  • The answer to Gary Parrish's question, I think, is no. The thing is, with the NCAA machine so firmly ensconced, I'm not confident that the power conferences could go it alone. Plus, there are some real contenders in basketball that don't fit the power conference model.

    He's right, in theory. The practical part may be too steep a climb to be attractive.

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