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College Football Top 25: Further Analysis Of The USA Today/Coach's Pre-Season Poll

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Checking around Al Gore's Folly for insights into the new USA Today/Coach's preseason poll, we find some interesting remarks from SB Nation's Jason Kirk:

Oklahoma's out of the preseason top 10 for the first time since 2000, with Oklahoma State outranking the Sooners for what appears to be the first time ever. Virginia Tech is unranked in a preseason Top 25 for the first time since 2004. LSU misses its first top-five showing since 2010 and USC its first since 2004 (since it wasn't eligible in 2011 or 2010).

Heh. Mark Stoops' brother Bob can't be happy about that, and I think maybe the Sooners got disrespected a bit.

Nick Saban was predictably indifferent about Alabama's exalted position:

We appreciate the recognition, but preseason polls don't determine who the best teams will be," Alabama coach Nick Saban told USA TODAY Sports. "We aren't entitled to anything, and this team's achievements will be based on what they create with the quality of their play and consistency in performance."

USA Today also lists five teams that just missed the cut, which are:

Roll 'Bama Roll mocks Lane Kiffin's squad, and I agree with them:

  • USC at 24 seems like a pity vote..

Here's a big, but familiar, "owwwie":

Good Bull Hunting has some absolutely hi-larious commentary about some of the top 25, but this one needs to be framed:

  1. Oklahoma

On the plus side, Bob Stoops’ program has been a paragon of consistency over the past decade. On the minus side, he hired his totally insane brother to run the defense, his starting quarterback weighs 263 pounds and can’t throw, and he was last seen getting violently pantsed in the Cotton Bowl. So good luck Sooner fans!

Concerning the boys just west down I-64, Jason Kirk of SB Nation tweeted:

Gotta give that to him.

A few more priceless and/or useful tweets: