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A Look at the Kentucky Wildcats Through the Eyes of a Thirty Something Fan

Here is a little glimpse into the fandom of the newest author on A Sea of Blue.

Andy Lyons

One of the cardinal rules of journalism is to not write an article in the first person. Normally this rule would be followed without question, but since this is an introductory piece I guess breaking this rule is justified just this once. One of my favorite authors is Hunter S. Thompson and his revolutionary brand of Gonzo Journalism was famous for the author being a part of the story. So if it's good enough for Thompson, then it's good enough for me just this once.

I reside in Indiana by way of Louisville. I grew up in The Ville and moved across the Ohio River to Indiana on the urging of my lovely wife. I, like all good husbands should, agreed to the move with nary a frown upon my face. Being a Wildcat fan in the heart of Card Country creates an interesting dynamic. Besides Duke and North Carolina, I'm not sure if there is another set of rival fan bases that are so close in proximity.

There are 'Cat fans aplenty in Louisville despite what Cardinal fans would have you believe. Big Blue Nation is well represented in the Derby City. Living in this crowded city of a melting pot of fans has uniquely stylized the type of Kentucky fan in which I am. Most all of BBN is die-hard, there is no questioning that, but not many fans outside of Louisville dislike the Cardinals with a particular loathing that borders on hatred like Wildcat Louisvillians do. It's like living near the DMZ in Korea. OK, it isn't exactly like that, but you get the picture. Tempers flare with ease and neither side is willing to give an inch.

Now that I have covered the bases in this short bio, let me give you a glimpse into my favorite moments in the history of Kentucky Wildcats football and basketball.


Favorite Player - DeMarcus Cousins. Boogie is one of the most entertaining and enigmatic personalities that has been a Wildcat in recent memory. He has his character issues but I believe he is a good person at heart, and he absolutely loves the BBN.
Favorite Coach
- John Calipari. This guy brought the swagger and the title back to Lexington.
Favorite Moment
- It's a two way tie between beating Louisville in the 2012 Final Four and beating Kansas for the 2012 title. I flip-flop between the two.
Favorite Walk-On
- Preston LeMaster. Why? Why not.
Least Favorite Moment
- This was a Billy Gillispie until the Robert Morris debacle. I have that game at Rupp this year circled on my calendar.
Favorite Bizarre Moment
- The stories of Billy Gillispie making Perry Stevenson eat entire boxes of Pop-Tarts at practice in order to put weight on him.
Biggest Kentucky Basketball Villain
- Rick Pitino. I will always be grateful to what Rick did by bringing our program back from the dead but his current gig and specific comments have soured me.


Favorite Offensive Player - THE Randall Cobb. Watching Cobb was a thing of beauty. His style of smart and elusive football was a thing of glory.
Favorite Defensive Player
- Wesley Woodyard. The man was a machine at the linebacker position.
Favorite Coach - Rich Brooks (Mark Stoops has some proving to do but he is on his way). Plus who didn't enjoy Pawpaw Brooks going berserk on players on the sideline?
Favorite Moment
- Three words: Stevie. Got. Loose.
Least Favorite Moment - The LSU Hail Mary pass to beat the Wildcats after fans had already started rushing the field.
Favorite Bizarre Moment
- Joker Phillips throwing an impromptu ice cream party at the end of a summer practice.
Biggest Kentucky Football Villain - Bobby Petrino. He hated Kentucky and wasn't shy about it. I'm ready for some payback on August 31st. He has it coming.


That's me in a nutshell. I am very much looking forward to writing for this website and interacting with all of the readers on a daily basis. I hope you enjoyed reading about what makes me tick as a Kentucky fan and some of my favorite moments. Feel free to share some of yours in the comments section. Next time I post on here it will be with the utmost professionalism and the best insight that I can bring to you. Thanks for reading and Go Big Blue!